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Anti Ageing

There are many treatments available to combat the aging effects of the sun, from creams to peels to lasers. Plus, reducing the signs of sun damage can reduce your risk of developing skin cancer. The sun and the years take their toll on your skin. Photoaging is often the first sign that your skin has been damaged, but such repeated exposure can also lead to skin cancer. Luckily, many of the treatments for photoaging not only restore skin's youthful appearance, they also reduce your risk for developing skin cancers and precancers.

Treatments Option

/ Platelet Rich Plasma

This treatment improves and balances the concentration of red and white blood platelets and increases skin growth protein in the body. It gives you smooth, flawless and youthful skin with ease.

/ Photo-rejuvenation

These photo facials improve skin tone, elasticity, trigger new collagen formation, reduce fine wrinkles, skin darkening & help reverse sun induced aging. Sessions help to maintain smooth radiant skin.

/ Botox

Botox works by weakening or temporarily paralyzing the muscles and smoothing the wrinkle away. Botox is currently approved by the FDA only for the frown lines between the eyebrows.

/ Fillers

Filling substances are injected under facial skin to round out contours and correct wrinkles, furrows and hollows. Side effects can include redness, swelling, bruising, and moderate pain, depending on the type of filler used.

/ Lasers

Lasers are used to vaporize the skin's sun-damaged top layer, leaving a softer, smoother skin surface with less pronounced wrinkles. Darker-skinned individuals can experience permanent loss of pigmentation.

/ Mesotherapy

In this procedure a mix containing specific minerals, vitamins, and amino acids is applied directly on the skin. This mix of chemicals nourishes and rejuvenates the skin making it healthier and young.

Science Behind Aging And Its Causes

Aging is a natural process, and we all have to go through it. With time the stem cells, which are the building blocks of our skin and bones get depleted. As a consequence our body loses its vitality and its reserve capacity. However, by introducing/stimulating new stem cells to the body through any particular anti aging treatment it is possible to stop, or at least slow the aging process.

In any healthy individual youthfulness is maintained by epidermal stem cells which posses the property of self-regeneration and the generation of daughter cells. These daughter cells are what the new skin is made from. Other than the repairing of skin, epidermal stem cells are also responsible for the maintenance of health and repairing of damaged tissues in vital organs such as the heart, liver, etc. With age; however, stem cell mobilization becomes impaired due to the increased demand of the resistance from diseases and repairs of the various organs of our bodies. As more and more stem cells are used up for the organ repairing and to replace the cells damaged by toxins over time, less cells remain available for the maintenance of skin vitality.

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