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You’re engaged, congratulations! As a bride-to-be and groom-to-be, you already know the joy and stresses of planning a wedding. While everything else falls into place, it’s time for you to take care of yourself in preparation for the big day. For the biggest day of your life you need someone you can trust implicitly with your skin.

You deserve to captivate guests and be proud of your wedding photos for years to come. Your save-the-dates have been sent out, the bridal party has been selected, and you are noticing the toll stress has taken on your skin while you plan a wedding. Starting your skin care regime six months prior to your wedding date will allow us to cater to every one of your unique skin care needs and see each treatment package through to full completion. Infact here are the most popular and essential pr-wedding treatments for you, followed by tips by the Skin Expert on your beauty regime along the time frame of your wedding

List of Basic Bridal Beauty Treatments

Full Body Waxing: Arms, Legs, Back, Bikini

Waxing is considered to be the easiest and the most effective way to get that buttery smooth and fresh body skin which is going to last typically anywhere from 3-5 weeks, just what you need for your wedding day and thereafter for honeymoon. Adopt this method as soon as possible if you haven’t and let your skin get used to the process. The wedding wax should ideally be scheduled 3-4 days before the big day which would be enough to settle any minor skin problems that might occur due to the process. Get a full body wax done at a salon before the wedding so that you can just relax while the professionals do the magic to your skin! Chocolate wax is by far the best option which apart from efficient hair removal, helps to remove tan and leaves the skin super smooth and moisturized (also the cocoa smell is heavenly!).

A bikini wax (A more effective and hygienic option than shaving or hair remover creams) is also extremely important, that gives your body a sensuality for those after wedding intimate moments. Thoughtfully choose a reputed professional salon or clinic to get it done at least 2-3 days prior to the wedding. You can start bikini waxing in regular intervals few months before as when done the first time it may leave the skin a little tender temporarily.

Threading: Eyebrow shaping and Facial hair removal

The eyes are the most expressive part of your face, hence you need to dress them up accordingly. Neatly groomed and shaped eyebrows add grace to your expressions. Get your eyebrows/ upper lip threading done just 2 days before the wedding while threading of hair on other parts of the face must be done at least a week before (as it may leave skin a bit inflamed). An epilator may help you to cope with the facial hair regularly at home. Girls having excessive facial hair are highly recommended to get Intense Pulse Laser (IPL) hair removal treatment done. It ensures reduction of hair growth over a few sittings and you can stay hassle free for a long time.

Bridal Facial: According to your skin type

Regular course of facials ensures deep cleansing, removal of dead cells along with black heads and white heads, better blood circulation and simultaneously makes your skin bright, firm and soft. Just any facial may not suit your skin. Hence, consult the salon expert and she will provide you with the information about facial that is appropriate for your skin type. If you have serious skin concerns, do consult a dermatologist long before your wedding instead of planning your facial routine on your own. You can choose among Gold, Pearl or Diamond facials which will give you an extraordinary bridal glow. Remember not to schedule a facial too close to the day just to allow your skin to settle.

Body Massage: Relaxing Bridal Spa

With all that pre-wedding stress around you this is just what you need to shed off all the exhaustion and stress. A relaxed mind consequently brings out the best in your skin. Where body massage boosts blood circulation and nourishes the skin, it should not necessarily be done at a spa each time.Try a massage at home with coconut milk or grinde papaya pulp and banana in a mixer and use it for a massage. Add plenty of sugar in this mixture and see how wonderfully it works for skin exfoliation. Here’s one more interesting tip that I have to share, if you have got visible cellulite (deposited fat under the skin), mix coffee grains with a moisturizer and massage it over your arms, thigh and hips regularly and see the results!

Pedicure and Manicure: For that Bridal Bling

It is needless to mention the importance of giving special attention to the hands and feet when you are a bride no matter how much you neglected them all these years. Regular manicure and pedicure sessions at an interval of 15 days would surely keep your hands and feet beautifully soft and nails healthy. Nail art is also a big thing in bridal fashion now a days. You may get a bridal nail art of your choice done right before the big ceremony. Now flaunt your nails as you flaunt your engagement ring!

Teeth Whitening: For beautiful Wedding Photographs

A smile goes a long way…..hence Smile !! That’s what you do the most on your wedding day. So why don’t you think of giving your smile a makeover? A single session of teeth whitening at the dentist’s clinic will add that dazzle to your smile like never before! Get the sitting at least two weeks before the wedding to settle any gum sensitivity in case you experience any. Also avoid drinking coffee, dark sauce, red wine, turmeric to protect your teeth from staining.

Hair Treatments: Straightening or Smoothening

In order to avoid split ends, regular trimming is important. Deep conditioning treatments also help to ensure healthy tresses. If your hair is coarse, dry, frizzy and so unmanageable that you are never happy with it then hair smoothening or straightening are the options worth considering. While both the treatments use similar products, the difference lies in the technique. These treatments give you permanent smooth hair with no use or abuse of flat iron or a dryer. Such a treatment should be done at least a month before the wedding.

A Complete Bridal Makeover Package

Looking your best on your special day involves more than just choosing the right clothes or wearing the right makeup. Which is why, our pre-wedding bridal makeover comes with aesthetic and cosmetic treatments which are specifically designed keeping in mind the bride of today.

Your beauty has always been our priority and so we ensure to take the steps needed to not only make you look picture perfect but also feel beautifully radiant on your wedding day. Our bridal package comes with a host of procedures and timelines to be followed. Below is the list of procedures for you to select from based on what you want most.

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