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Nail art

Nail art is a creative additional treatment that can be carried out on both natural nails and nail enhancements on the hands and feet. This unit is all about creating various designs using lots of different techniques. You will learn how to consult and communicate with your client, devise a treatment plan to suit the nails and skin condition, and apply these designs to the nails. You will also learn many techniques to create lots of different designs, including polishing, application of gems, glitters, transfers, and techniques using tape and a striping pen. Health, safety and hygiene must be adhered to throughout each treatment, and you must learn the onditions that will prevent you carrying out the treatment.

Tips To Keep Them Looking Their Best

  • Always file your nails in one direction. Going back and forth will weaken your nails. And weak nails will break more often.
  • Learn your nail type - are they brittle or weak? If you know this, then you can buy the right product for them. Using the wrong product could make them worse
  • Invest in a quality nail file and/or emery board. It is money well spent. A good one will help keep your nails in great shape and not damage them.
  • Don’t buff too often. Each time you use the really rough part(s) some of your nail is removed. If you remove too much you could end up with thin nails that break easily.
  • Trim hangnails off as soon as possible. This stops them from catching and pulling on your clothes. And you won’t feel tempted to rip them off.

Why Nail Art?

We spend so much time and money on our face while the fact is you see your nails more often than your face (while typing, writing, cooking, working etc) so why not let your nails to instill a sense of beauty and confidence in you every time you lock your eyes with it. This played in my mind like a record one day and that’s when I went bigger on nails and nail art.

Nail art is a fashion trend of decorating nails with patterns, stickers and appliques. These embellishments are usually added to polished nails for interest and effect.

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